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A contemporary Japanese experience

Azumi brings an uncompromising commitment to the Japanese craft, ingredients and creativity.

People sit at a bar counter in an outdoor restaurant with red decor and a waterfront view. A red panel with the word
A plate of sashimi on ice with various types of fish, lemon slices, shiso leaves, wasabi, and garnish, arranged on a wooden table.
Cozy restaurant bar with wooden chairs and a wooden counter, light fixtures on the ceiling, and neatly set tables with flowers. A wide window shows an outdoor view.
An assortment of eight sake bottles with various labels are placed in a row on a wooden surface, set against a blurred indoor background with a painting on the wall.
A variety of Japanese dishes including sushi rolls, sashimi, takoyaki, and a hot beverage set arranged on a wooden table. Drinks include an orange slice garnished beverage.
A restaurant interior with wooden tables and chairs, glassware arranged on tables, a wall of barrels, and warm, ambient lighting under a wooden ceiling. An illuminated blue sign is visible in the background.
Two people holding cocktails in a restaurant, one with a frothy white drink in a coupe glass and the other with a dark beverage in a rocks glass with an ice cube. Food dishes are visible in the background.
A modern bar with a well-lit counter, bottles displayed on shelves, and neon Japanese characters on the wall. Wooden stools and tables are arranged in the dimly lit seating area.

Succulent citruses. Fish selected at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. Flash-fried miniature freshwater crabs.

Creativity extends to the Azumi drink menu, with signature cocktails using light Japanese citrus flavors and an Old Fashioned crafted with Japanese whiskey, not to mention a masterfully curated selection of sake. It’s a safe bet that your night is about to get extraordinary.

Illustration of a stylized octopus wearing a bandana, surrounded by various geometric shapes and patterns.

Make A Reservation

Outside seating can be requested but not guaranteed

A chef in a red hat and black uniform prepares food on a teppanyaki grill, with a customer seated in front wearing a brown shirt that reads
Three people clink glasses at a restaurant table with food in front of them, toasting and smiling.
An animated image of a simple flame that gradually transforms into a tree with leaves budding and growing.

Flame Room

The cooking techniques of our highly-skilled chefs are on full display as they cook fresh meats, seafood, vegetables & rice on a solid-surface iron griddle right in front of you.

Inside Azumi Baltimore

Azumi is a traditional Japanese girl’s name meaning “safe harbor.” It’s a perfect fit for this oasis of style, comfort and warmth in Baltimore’s exclusive Harbor East neighborhood.

A hand is pouring liquid from a ceramic pitcher into a small cup. Part of a sushi roll is visible on a plate in the foreground, and a person in a dark shirt is blurred in the background.
A close-up of a person picking up a piece of sushi with chopsticks from a platter of assorted sushi, with a glass of white wine in the background.
A hand holding a spoon over a white bowl filled with strawberries, small green leaves, and a small flower garnish. The bowl rests on a dark napkin on a plate.
A close-up of a sushi platter featuring various rolls and nigiri, garnished with wasabi and pickled ginger. A glass of white wine is in the background on a wooden table.
A cooked lamb chop with grill marks is served on a rectangular plate with a side dish in a small bowl.
A hand using chopsticks to pick a piece of fried food from a plate, with another dish containing tempura in the background.
A hand holding chopsticks picks up a piece of sushi roll from a plate containing several pieces. A small sauce dish and a dark teapot are in the background.
A hand holding chopsticks is picking up a piece of sushi from a plate with several colorful sushi rolls on a wooden table.
Five grilled dumplings arranged in a row on a dark rectangular plate.

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