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A contemporary Japanese experience

Azumi brings an uncompromising commitment to the Japanese craft, ingredients and creativity.

An upscale restaurant interior featuring a long wooden counter with green cushioned stools, neatly arranged cutlery, and decorative wall art illuminated by warm lighting.
A bowl of colorful sushi ingredients including fish, rice, vegetables, and roe, garnished with ginger. Chopsticks and a round black cap with the word
A dimly lit restaurant features wooden partitions, hanging paper lanterns, and neatly set tables with glassware and napkins, creating a cozy and intimate dining ambiance.
A bowl of stir-fried noodles with sliced vegetables and shredded toppings, served in a light green scalloped-edge ceramic bowl.
A white plate with slices of raw fish garnished with slices of cucumber and small flowers, arranged in a semi-circle. There is a soy-based sauce on the plate.
A man and woman sit at a restaurant table, with the man looking at a menu. A server stands beside them, taking their order. Chefs work in the background.
A bowl of noodles with vegetables and meat, a wooden tray with assorted sushi rolls, a glass of white wine, and chopsticks placed on a wooden table.
A restaurant bar with a wooden counter is set with plates, glassware, napkins, and chopsticks. Several people stand conversing in the background.

Seafood flown in daily from Tokyo. Wagyu beef raised in Miyazaki. One of the region’s largest sake lists.

Azumi, it’s a safe bet that your night is about to get extraordinary. Indulge in the finest quality seafood and beef, expertly crafted cocktails and a masterfully curated selection of wine and sake in a lively atmosphere.

Illustration of a stylized octopus wearing a bandana, surrounded by various geometric shapes and patterns.

Make A Reservation

Outside seating can be requested but not guaranteed

Inside Azumi Houston

Located at the entrance of the River Oaks District, Azumi promises an unforgettable ambiance that pairs beautifully with its exquisite cuisine.

A modern dining area features wooden decor, pendant lantern lights, tables with place settings, and cushioned chairs. Natural light enters through large windows.
A green ceramic bowl holds several slices of sashimi with garnish, placed on a wooden table with a plant in a black pot in the background.
A chef wearing a bandana and apron smiles while preparing food at a kitchen counter. He has visible tattoos on his arms and a knife rests on the counter.
A close-up of a sushi roll with various toppings on a ceramic plate, garnished with a small pile of pickled ginger on the side.
Bartender pouring a mixed drink through a strainer into two glasses, each with a garnish, on a bar counter. Measures and equipment are visible.
A plate of sashimi, featuring two pieces of tuna garnished with wasabi, and thinly sliced radish, served on a bamboo mat over a bowl of ice.

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